High and dry! where is my pool | Holly Springs pool contractor drives NC customers away, leaving them with unfinished jobs


“He made me spooky.”

Thousands of dollars have been paid for a backyard oasis, but one Wake County homeowner is left with an unfinished job, and he’s not alone.

“There’s no way I would want to set foot in there,” said Tim Orr, homeowner in Fuquay-Varnia. “We’re at about $86,000.” Orr says that’s how much he paid Pool Paradise LLC of Holly Springs for the in-ground pool, retaining wall and concrete work.

Orr signed the deal in December 2020 with Pool Paradise owner Brian Clark. Due to the pandemic and the popularity of people installing pools, it took some time for work to begin.

“We were finally able to start digging in September and have made good progress. You know, and I was watching from my home office the whole time,” Orr said. According to Orr, once they filled the water, the work stalled.

“They’ve probably only been here maybe fifteen days this year,” Orr said. He tried several times to contact the owner.

“He doesn’t reply to my texts. He doesn’t reply to the email. He made me spooky. If you then suddenly go to Pool Paradise’s website, it says: “Pool Paradise closed on September 1, 2002 following supply chain issues related to COVID. Thank you for your patronage!”

ABC11 troubleshooter Diane Wilson has tried to locate owner Brian Clark, but he’s no longer at what he claims is his store; He also did not respond to calls or texts from ABC11.

Orr isn’t the only customer spending money. A Cary family filed a complaint with the NC Attorney’s Office, stating that after paying nearly $40,000 during the construction phase, Pool Paradise isn’t finished either. In addition, the NC Licensing Board for General Contractors filed a lawsuit against Clark and Pool Paradise, alleging that neither Clark nor his company are licensed to undertake contracts worth more than $30,000.

Though he had to shell out more money, Orr told ABC11 he was able to find a company to clean the liner and pool, do the electrical work, and do a few other things.

The family will soon be able to enjoy their pool after two years and thousands of dollars.

What should you do to avoid being mistaken for thousands and being ghosted?

The best advice is that whenever a job costs more than $30,000, you need to do your research to make sure they are licensed for that job. You can do that here.

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