Help Wanted: Kinston I City Maintenance Worker


Salary: $ 22,464.00 – $ 31,324.80 Full-time yearly with benefits!

Description: Carries out medium manual and basic semi-skilled work in the construction, maintenance and repair of public facilities, buildings, land, roads, utilities and related facilities, as well as related work if necessary. The work is carried out under the direct supervision of the assigned crew supervisor. Main functions: Distributes asphalt and mends holes in road surfaces, helps with concrete work. Digs trenches and ditches, cleans catch basins, shafts and drainage pipes. Helps with the installation of storm sewers and drainage lines. Helps with the construction and maintenance of utility lines and facilities. Performs other road and utility maintenance tasks. Carries out custody, construction and property maintenance work. Mows grass, lines sidewalks and curbs, eats weeds, cuts trees and bushes. Performs related landscaping tasks in the maintenance of parks and golf course facilities. Operates dump trucks, mowers, chainsaws, pumps, mixers, trimmers, tractors, and similar equipment. Performs related tasks as needed.

Minimum qualifications: Less than high school graduation and minimal experience in general construction, maintenance, janitorial and / or gardening, or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Some knowledge of road drainage, buildings, land, utilities, landscaping areas and related construction, maintenance and repair procedures. Some knowledge of the safe use, operation, and preventive maintenance of the equipment they are associated with. Knowledge of the use of the equipment that has been assigned. Ability to understand and follow specific verbal instructions. Ability to do manual labor for long periods of time, often in adverse weather conditions. Literacy skills. Ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with employees. Must have a valid NC driver’s license and be able to obtain a CDL permit within 30 days of employment and a CDL-A license within 90 days of receiving the permit.

Physical demands: This work requires the occasional use of up to 100 pounds of force; the work regularly requires standing, walking, fingers, grasping or feeling with the hands and grasping with the hands and arms, frequent pushing or pulling and lifting, and occasionally requires speaking or listening, climbing or balancing, bending, kneeling, squatting or crawling, and repetitive Movements; Work requires depth perception and color perception; vocal communication is required to express or exchange ideas through the spoken word; Listening is necessary in order to perceive information at a normal language level; Work requires a visual inspection with small defects and / or small parts, the use of measuring devices, the assembly or manufacture of parts at arm’s length, the operation of machines, the operation of motor vehicles or devices and the observation of the general environment and activities; the work requires regular outdoor weather conditions and occasionally requires wet, humid conditions (no weather), work near moving mechanical parts, exposure to fumes or airborne particles, exposure to toxic or corrosive chemicals, exposure to extreme cold (none Weather), exposure to extreme heat (non-weather related), exposure to the risk of electric shock, exposure to vibration and exposure to bloodborne pathogens, and possibly wearing special personal protective equipment; The work usually takes place in a very quiet location (e.g. park path, storage or filing room).

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