Graduation Take Two: 2020 UW Madison class finally gets graduation fanfare at Camp Randall | higher education


Milwaukee Bucks Shooting Guard Pat Connaughton holds up the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship trophy as he begins his 2020 UW Madison class keynote address.


“The world is not about avoiding regret, it is about enjoying the moments when you are able to maximize your talents. Those are the moments that are worth building on.” said Connaughton. “In the real world there is winning and losing. There will be bumps. Mistakes are inevitable, but how you react to mistakes is your choice.”

With a year and a half gap to spring 2020, little was felt of the nervous uncertainty about the application and the next steps in life that many graduates feel at the beginning. After studying journalism, Zabat toured the country for a year in the Oscar Mayer Wienermobil. He is now back in Madison working in communications for the UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health.

UW-Madison 2020 graduation

UW Madison graduate Odyssey Xiong waves to the family as the class of 2020 arrives for the graduation ceremony on Saturday at Camp Randall Stadium. Xiong has a bachelor’s degree in psychology.


Another graduate, Alison Pagel, studied civil and environmental engineering. Later she worked for the local construction company Findorff in the construction of health facilities.

“It’s nice to finish our degree and take a moment to gather together, especially at Camp Randall,” said Pagel. When she actually graduated last year, her mother and boyfriend came to Madison to visit, but had little to do in the early days of the pandemic. But on Saturday, loved ones got to see her do a real graduation from UW-Madison.

“They are still so proud of me and happy to be here today to see this,” she said.

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