Effectiveness commits to unmatched real estate services, says ED Ajiboye


The Executive Director (ED) of Efficacy Construction Company, a construction company and real estate development expert, Ms. Oluwadamilola Ajiboye, has reiterated the company’s commitment to providing Nigerians with the highest quality professional, timely and affordable services despite the high rate of inflation in the country and speculation of an impending global Recession.

The company claimed in a statement to LEADERSHIP that despite all the economic challenges, it has grown relentlessly for over 13 years to become a formidable and enviable construction company in the construction sector, while assuring Nigerians that it is doing the best to ensure that quality and excellence, which form the foundation of effectiveness, are not compromised.

This was underpinned by the fact that the company was recognized worldwide with the acceptable standards required of a construction company, exceeding all challenges the company was ISO (International Standard for Organization) certified, making its standard an internationally recognized one became standard.

Speaking at a press conference, Executive Director Ms Ajiboye said: “While it is impossible to deny the impact of high inflation on businesses, particularly after a global pandemic has put an end to what was normal, we at Efficacy are aware that quality and safety are still of paramount importance and that is non-negotiable for us. We would like to assure Nigerians that we work tirelessly to ensure our brand reputation for quality, timely and cost-effective services coupled with integrity and excellence is maintained and that we will do everything we can to provide the best possible services, regardless of the economic location of the country.”

She went on to reiterate that the company is working to devise strategies that would not only ensure that it provides the best services to Nigerians, but also that it does so in a cost-effective manner.

This follows the Company’s newly unveiled project in a prime location in Ibeju Lekki Governorate, Lagos – The Peak Resort and Golf Course, Lakowe.

Efficacy Construction is a leading construction company recognized as a formidable and enviable builder in the real estate industry.

Throughout its prolific journey of 14 years, Efficacy has relentlessly grown to dedicate itself to the fulfillment and gratification of one of the most fundamental desires in the hierarchy of human needs, namely protection.


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