Dream job? Road workers earn up to $ 180,000 in Australia



In a TikTok video, Chloe Taouk claimed to make nearly $ 3,000 a week after working 58 hours over six days.

Forget about being a doctor, a lawyer, or an accountant. Today’s dream job? Road construction lollipop lady.

The shine! The shine! The luck!

University degrees are for losers. Why waste so much time studying when you can make up to AUD 170,000 ($ 180,000) a year while literally standing still and scrolling through your phone? It’s the hot new gig in Australia that is proving to be lucrative and making all of us idiots with regular jobs regret our life choices.

One lollipop lady – AKA Stop-Go employee – revealed this week how much money she’s making for a day to control traffic in Sydney. In a TikTok video, Chloe Taouk claimed to be making nearly A $ 3,000 a week after working 58 hours in six days. A 15-minute shift earned her A $ 148, while a 12-hour Sunday made her a little over A $ 700, thanks to double the time. A 12-hour weekday was the equivalent of AUD 496. Overall, their hourly rate was about A $ 50 ($ 53).

The average salary for a traffic controller in Sydney is A $ 130,000 – and the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union has announced that some in Sydney’s booming construction industry are making A $ 180,000 a year.

In another video, Chloe listed the downside of the gig: “People attack you” and “Five people a day ask for your number”.

The advantages? “You stand around doing absolutely nothing.”

In all honesty, I would have no problem getting my foot struck by a Nissan Pulsar if it meant $ 3,000 in my bank account after doing absolutely nothing for a week.

At first glance, the incredible pay seems surprising, but when you really think about it, it really makes sense. The road construction lollipop ladies of Australia have been looking very glamorous for some time. It is often young women who have their hair and make-up, acrylic nails and designer sunglasses. Everyone is typing on their iPhones regularly.

Obviously, these rich lollipop ladies need to get their own reality show. Reality shows about regular jobs are the best. It’s a tough job to nail. The job has to be ordinary and at the same time have an air of sophistication. Chefs, hairdressers, personal trainers, and real estate agents all took turns.

Chloe Taouk when she's not on duty.  Photo / Instagram
Chloe Taouk when she’s not on duty. Photo / Instagram

Amazon’s new Luxe Listings Sydney series, developed by Kyle Sandilands, takes us into the opulent world of an otherwise ordinary job.

“Luxe Listings Sydney is assisting three elite agents in negotiating multi-million dollar deals in one of the most competitive real estate markets in the world: Sydney, Australia,” reads the promotional material for the series.

It brings together everything we want in a TV show: hot people with money in beautiful homes are dramatic. It’s like a real version of Big Little Lies.

Luxe Lives Of Lollipop Ladies will do the same. The series will follow a group of glamorous construction workers who control traffic in some of Australia’s wealthiest suburbs while grappling with the everyday drama that comes with being hot and rich.

They also have unusual powers. No matter who you are, you have to obey the lollipop lady. Nothing corresponds to the tension you feel in peak traffic when we are all late and the rich lady lollipop decides to step in and bring everything to a standstill so a semi-trailer can make a 25-point turn. It’s a made-for-TV drama.

The average salary for a traffic controller in Sydney is A $ 130,000, some of which is A $ 180,000 a year in Sydney's booming construction industry.  Photo / TikTok
The average salary for a traffic controller in Sydney is A $ 130,000, some of which is A $ 180,000 a year in Sydney’s booming construction industry. Photo / TikTok

James Packer’s ex-fiancée Tziporah Malkah, the model formerly known as Kate Fischer, was pounded while working as a lollipop lady in the construction zone in Hi-Vis last year. She would be an excellent candidate for Luxe Lives Of Lollipop Ladies and would give a little star power.

We can recruit some other big names as well. Cocaine Cassie told the Kyle & Jackie O Show this week that she would love to be on a reality show when she is finally allowed to return to Australia from Colombia. Somebody brings the girl some hi-vis.

Possible slogan for the series: You could control the traffic – but your private life is completely out of control.

What do these rich lollipops do when they call it a day? They probably drove their Mercedes back to their mansions and popped bottles of champagne. Maybe go to the drawing room and pay the bill in antique rubies. These lollipop ladies are so rich they don’t even have to check their grocery budget to see if they can afford this fancy ice cream. You just buy it without seeing if it’s on sale.

It’s really ambitious.

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