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Aug. 12, 1982

North End Fun Day Saturday

Final plans have been made for Fun Day Saturday at Kelly Park at North Seventh Street and Grand Avenue, sponsored by the North End Neighborhood Organization.

A German band will perform from 2pm to 4pm and Eddie Williams will present music from 6pm to 8pm for a street dance that will take place on Baxter Avenue. A flea market with free space is held throughout the day. If you want to take part in the flea market, you have to bring your own tables.

Mary Bong and Beverly Haglund serve as Co-Chairs, assisted by Iva Vandenberg, William Bong, Ray Hill, Margaret Anderson, Mary Bolts, Ed Stein, Agnes Hudgens, Stanley Parzych and Jim Sigfrids.

Ronald Anderson, young Cottonwood exhibitor at the Tri-State Fair, carefully tends his Guernsey heifer awaiting judging at the show. August 14, 1947 telegram

Upper Public Library / Upper Telegram

August 13, 1947

Lightning strikes twice, killing cow, destroying chimney

Lightning was reported to have struck two locations in the area during the thunderstorm early Wednesday morning, killing a cow in one case and damaging a chimney in the other.

A Fred Koenig cow, Station B, Route 1, was killed by lightning while standing under three pine trees seeking shelter from the storm. One of the trees was impaled in the middle from top to bottom. The animal was in a neighbor’s pasture behind Ralph Law’s property.

Firefighters received a call at Robert L. Zowin’s residence at 2413 E. Seventh St., where a smokestack was struck by lightning and the roof ripped off. There was no fire and only the chimney was damaged.

A tribute was paid to the youth of rural Douglas County at Thursday’s tri-state fair, officially dubbed 4-H Day. These 4-H Club members are pictured with their calves. They are left to right Lloyd Neilson, Pattison Park, Bob David, Wentworth, Keith Hanson, Concrete School, all of whom have exhibited Brown Swiss; James Schaefer, Gordon, Lester Webster, Pattison both showing Holsteins, George Johnson, Pattison and Eugene Carlson, South Range, Guernseys. August 1, 1947 telegram

Upper Public Library / Upper Telegram

Blaze deals $15 damage to the awning

Firefighters said a smoker was the cause of a fire that broke out Tuesday night at the Douglas Cafe, 314 Tower Ave.

Firefighters said a passing smoker appeared to have flicked a cigarette butt into the awning. The alarm came in at 8:50 p.m

Aug. 13, 1982

Steel work is progressing

The steel structure of the new Arrowhead Bridge on the Superior side is progressing. Arrowhead Bridge Builders of Litchfield, Minnesota is the general contractor for the steel installation of this portion of the bridge. The installation spans approximately 3,600 feet from Pier 30 to the abutment in Wisconsin. Estimated completion date for this portion of the project is May 12, 1984 at a cost of $5,477,144.47. The contract for the concrete deck portion of the same project was awarded to Lunda Construction Co. of Black River Falls for $4,625,536. Concrete work will take approximately seven months from the start date. Blacktoping on the Wisconsin approach is expected to begin September 1st and be completed approximately October 23rd.

August 15, 1947

Local couple arrested for counterfeiting half dollars

A 31-year-old man, Miller Mereno, of 314 Tower Avenue, is being held in the Douglas County Jail for a grand jury on double federal charges of counterfeiting and passing counterfeit coins. His partner Helen, 25, is being held as an important witness.

The arrest was made Thursday morning by police on Tower Ave. 314. The Merenos had allegedly sent their 5-year-old daughter, Helen Jane, to a grocery store owned by Ingvald Paulson on Tower Ave. 13 operated a counterfeit 50-cent piece. Police said the fake was not a “very good job” as the seller had no trouble immediately identifying it as such.

Russell Daniels, St. Paul, senior Secret Service agent on the case, said their equipment for the job was “very crude,” consisting of a hammer, a crushed coffee can, and a plank on it to wrap the metal around Beating and punching to place a piece of pipe and soldering material. Mereno told authorities he was only engaged in making 50-cent pieces. He also admitted on Friday that he passed on three of the coins.

GORDON — The Gordon American Legion baseball team leads the Indianhead League after winning 18 contests and losing just two. The team pictured here from left to right are Don Finstad, lf; Eddie Smith, SS; Stan Nelson, Managing Director; Hal Brown, see Lee Hunter, 3b; and standing, Murray Nelson, p; Mickey Cosgrove, 2b; “Bud” Grant, University of Minnesota star from Superior, rf; Mike Mix, p; Wayne Lawler, c, and Jack Thiede, 1b. August 13, 1947 telegram

Upper Public Library / Upper Telegram

Girl receives VFW award for selling the most poppies

Joan Malmquist is presented with an award for selling the most poppies at the recent Veterans of Foreign Wars auction by William Forsyth, commander of Henry S. Blomberg’s post Friday night.

Joan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. CR Malmquist, 172 Lackawanna Ave., will receive a certificate signed by national, state and local VFW officials and a beautiful autographed 8×10 photo of movie starlet Margaret O’Brien. Miss O’Brien had been voted the national poppy girl by veterans.

This is the first year that the national office has given an award for the most poppies sold.

Mertz Mortorelli, UWS soccer coach, poked fun at his driving antics at the Northland Touchdown Club soccer opening banquet on Friday night. Mortorelli, who fell out of his car Thursday while driving a San Diego football recruit to lunch, was given a “Killer Bee” crash helmet, a parachute harness and dark goggles. Two of the roasters, John McFaul, a former UWS gridder and Hall of Famer from Chicago, Illinois, and Yellowjacket assistant football coach Vince Repesh, are seen strapping him into the harness. August 14, 1982 telegram

Upper Public Library / Upper Telegram

Little Pamela Asker, two-and-a-half-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Asker of Middle River, embodies “fun at the carnival” as she takes her first ride on the carousel. August 13, 1947 telegram

Upper Public Library / Upper Telegram

081222.N.Past.Maple Poultry.jpg
Poultry shows are back as a prominent feature at the Tri-State Agricultural and Livestock Fairs after an absence of several years. Ed Graham, Poplar, checks the arrival list in the poultry house. August 13, 1947 telegram

Upper Public Library / Upper Telegram

081222.N.Past.Maple Poultry 1.jpg
Harlan Johnson of Maple carefully trims the smooth coat of his sister Lavonne’s Guernsey heifer, one of the many fine cattle contributions brought to the fair by young Douglas County farm dwellers. August 13, 1947 telegram

Upper Public Library / Upper Telegram

Frank Sack of Brule combs the coat of this noble Hampshire ram and has his exhibit groomed for the attention of Tri-State Fair-goers. August 13, 1947 telegram

Upper Public Library / Upper Telegram

Article and images courtesy of retired librarian Judy Aunet of Superior Public Library.


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