Douglas County Completes Breakwater Safety Improvements at Topaz Lake Campground Boat Ramp | News from Carson City, Nevada


Douglas County is pleased to announce the completion of the Topaz Lake Campground boat ramp breakwater project ahead of schedule and under budget.

On March 25, 2020, the Parks Department received approval to apply for federal grants administered by the Nevada State Wildlife Department.

The grant was to install a custom wooden floating breakwater at the Topaz Lake Campground boat ramp to provide significant safety improvements in strong wind and wave conditions.

Douglas County received the $393,000.00 grant and began design work in preparation for construction.

Topaz Lake is a reservoir operated by the Walker River Irrigation District. Since it is a reservoir, the water levels will fluctuate considerably and will also be subject to strong winds.

Wind conditions have caused numerous incidents for boaters attempting to launch or salvage their watercraft. The breakwater is 360 feet long and includes a warning light system for safe boating at night.

The custom-built wooden floating breakwater is anchored with nineteen 12,000-pound concrete anchors and moored with high-strength cables and chains to hold it in place.

It is designed to protect the boat ramp in strong winds regardless of the lake level. The breakwater was installed by Impact Construction, a local general contractor.

If you have any questions, please contact the County Parks Office at (775) 782-9835.


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