Dobbs Equipment collects donations for Construction Angels: CEG


(LR): Jennifer McCloskey, Bauengel; Adam Tschetter, Dobbs Equipment; Edward Dobbs, Dobbs Management; and Kristi Gibbs, Construction Angels, handing over the check. Additional monies received after the check was handed over increased the total to more than $ 140,000.

Dobbs equipment held its first charity golf excursion for the benefit of Bauengel in Boca Raton, Florida. An initial $ 114,300 was raised, but additional funds received after the check was handed over brought the total to over $ 140,000.

“Our customers and sellers have kicked it out of the park,” Dobbs said on his website. “We are honored that our first year was so successful and we look forward to getting bigger and better next year for such a good cause.”

“Our mission at Dobbs Equipment has always been to support our customers in the markets we serve from start to finish. We recognize that this mission presents us with a unique opportunity and the desire to go further for the customer is important to us as we know all families who have suffered a tragic loss, “said Adam Tschetter, President.

Construction Angels provides financial and bereavement assistance to the children and spouses left behind if a construction worker suffers a death on the construction site. It offers construction grants for qualified applicants and additional grants for surviving children of a fallen worker.

“Our vision is to be there for families who have lost a loved one in an accident at work. Our goal is to be an immediate source of help, support and a channel for further assistance, ”said Construction Angels on its website. “Construction Angels aims to make a lasting impression and influence on the industry, one family at a time, while honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice.”

Construction Angels has six core values:
  • ambition: The serious desire for honorable achievements and the willingness to achieve them.
  • Nourish: Caring for, protecting and promoting the growth of our charity.
  • generosity: Virtue to give without obligation and to hope for a reward.
  • Efficient: Act effectively with a minimum of waste, cost and time.
  • guide: The initiative to motivate, lead and work with others to achieve common goals.
  • service: Work that offers hope, comfort or help to the building community.


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