Do you hear the silence Construction breaks in Quebec begin on Friday


MONTREAL – Nearly 200,000 construction workers in Quebec will be on vacation as of Friday.

The industry has been closed for almost two weeks and after a very difficult year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it can’t be a moment too early.

In downtown Montreal big projects are kicked off with the sound of jackhammers and generators, but many construction sites fell silent for 14 days on Friday.

After months of hard work, this downtime doesn’t come too soon for most construction workers. “On part tout en vacance (we’re going on vacation)!” Shouts a worker when he quits his job for his vacation.

“C’est si physique et beaucoup mental,” explains another why he needs a break.

“With most construction sites opening at 6am, these people work long days. It’s been an exceptional year in the industry,” said Eric Côté, CEO of the Corporation des Entrepreneurs generaux du Quebec. “Construction workers and everyone in the industry need a summer break and everyone has worked hard and it has been a difficulty this year to add with the pandemic; Problems with the supply chain, with the materials and a lot of activity because we are more active than the year before and the year before. “

He named 2021 a historic year of construction in Quebec. Free time often means spending time on the road.

Surete du Quebec spokeswoman Valerie Beauchamp said they were monitoring the streets for rule breakers.

“There will be an operation that will be done by cops on the streets and they will look at the speeds and they will look at drivers who are not wearing their seat belts and drivers who are using cell phones while driving and will, of course Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or a mixture of both is definitely tested, “she said.” These are the 4 causes of collisions and fatal collisions. “

Last year there were eight fatal collisions on Quebec’s streets during the construction break and she urges people to stay safe no matter how they spend their free time.

One worker said he was not going anywhere for vacation even though he would like to return to Italy.

However, due to the pandemic restrictions, he will be staying in La Belle province again this summer.

Like so many in his branch, holidays are spent close to home.

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