COVID-19: Construction Sector Calls for Government Vaccine Mandate


He said many Master Builders members also want more clarity on whether they can request vaccination of staff.

“A government mandate will remove this confusion. This is urgently needed because of the special nature of the construction sector.”

Kelly said construction workers are at risk for the virus spreading as they travel long distances to work, often visiting multiple workplaces in a day, and often working indoors in poorly ventilated environments.

“The physical nature of the job means that distance rules increase the risk of accidents and injuries.

“In addition, several companies often work at the same location, including the general contractor and several specialist trades.

“The sector must and is doing its part in our national vaccine response. But right now we need clarity, direction and decisive action from the government regarding vaccine mandates. In their absence there is a risk of further disruptions in the industry, “he warned.

According to the vaccination order, all people who perform high-risk activities in the health and disability sector must be fully vaccinated by December 1, 2021.

“Under these new requirements, GPs, pharmacists, community nurses, midwives, paramedics, and all health care workers in locations that treat patients at risk (including intensive care units) must receive their first dose of the vaccine by October 30,” COVID said – 19 Response Secretary Chris Hipkins said last Monday.

“These requirements also include certain unregulated health services, such as elderly care, home and community support services, Kaupapa Māori health care providers, and non-governmental organizations that provide health services.”

School and ECE employees must receive their first dose by November 15th. From January 1, 2022, schools and institutions for early learning must keep a register and ensure that only vaccinated staff and caregivers have contact with children and students.


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