Construction of the Tema railway line to Mpakadan: 2 municipalities ask for state support


Mr Kingsley Darko (3rd from right), the leader of the two parishes, reads the press release

The people of Mpakadan and Apeguso in the Asuogyaman district of the eastern region have urged the Ministry of Railway Development and the government to urgently alleviate the suffering they are suffering from the construction of the railway line from Tema to Mpakadan.

The two municipalities emphasized that although they support the railway project, which would ultimately boost their economic activities, it should not deprive them of their livelihoods.

At a press conference organized by the two communities in Mpakadan last Monday, leader Kingsley Darko conveyed the public’s complaints about the negative impact of the activities of some of the contractors involved in the project and their gross disregard for their concerns.

“We would like to state that we do not ignore the socio-economic advantages of the railways and especially the ports for the population of Akwamu and Ghana in general, which is why we have no objection to the construction and would do nothing to prevent the completion of the project”, he said.

Effects of blasting

Mr Darko said under the Minerals and Mining (explosive) Regulation 2012, LI 2177, there are general rules and regulations, including approval and license for explosives, surveillance and environmental limits, application and general administration, among others.

He said that a person who violated any of these rules for which sanctions are intended has committed a criminal offense and has been fined not less than 50 units and not more than 180 units or imprisonment of not less than three months and not been fined more than six months.

One unit of punishment corresponds to GH ¢ 12.

As a result of the construction of a single-track railway line from Tema to Mpakadan, ADV Infrastructure and Logistics Limited, the subcontractor of AFCON Infrastructure Limited, was supposed to carry out explosives.

Mr Darko said that since Jan.

According to the two communities, the construction of the railroad had made it virtually impossible for the Apeguso community to reach their clinic for their health care and also to go to their farms.

“What good is the clinic if we can’t use it? Do we starve to death because we do not have access to our farms just because it is claimed that the construction of the railroad will benefit the wider community? ”They asked.

Another dangerous situation for Apeguso Senior High School was a large pit that was excavated after the company mined gravel for railroad construction that endangered the teachers’ bungalows.

Mr Darko claimed that when ADV Infrastructure and Logistics Limited got wind of the press conference, they hastily wrote a letter of commitment dated August 20, 2021 informing the community that they would be carrying out blasting operations from February to October 2021.

However, when the Daily Graphic contacted the director of ADV Infrastructure and Logistics Limited, Mr. Dheeraj Choudhary, the subcontractor of AFCON, the railway construction company, said the problem had to be solved before the Ghana Railway Development Authority (GRDA) to find out a permanent solution for the complaints of the people of Mpakadan and Apeguso.


Nevertheless, the population has decided that all those affected in the two communities must be compensated in accordance with the Minerals and Mining Ordinance. They also demanded that all safety measures for subsequent demolitions be taken in accordance with the ordinance.

In addition, people affected by the explosion must be evacuated from the area and properly housed until their affected structures are permanently rehabilitated.

“There should be post-traumatic counseling for those affected and the community in general. In addition, there must be a corporate social responsibility for the communities concerned. Access roads also need to be built to allow communities to access their farms, ”they said.

Many parishioners, including a 65-year-old woman, Madame Cecilia Amegazo, 57-year-old, James Nyuedo, and 59-year-old Mary, Mahu, spoke to Daily Graphic in Mpakadan about the inspection of the affected people in the two communities, complaining about their predicament and begged the government to step in to alleviate their plight.

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