Coastal residents brave cold rains amid a winter storm


SAN DIEGO — The weather in the coastal region has made a 180-degree turn from sunny to wintry rain cells, opening up to unsuspecting visitors.

Forecasters predict the winter storm, which is bringing widespread rain to areas along the coast, could receive nearly a half inch of rain by Wednesday afternoon.

“Just as I was pulling myself together to get to the beach, yeah, that’s when it starts raining,” said one beach-goer.

Most people left the shore to hide while others struggled through their morning walks. But come rain or shine, time is money and construction workers moved a little more slowly on the slippery surfaces that protected their work from the scouring rain.

“Right now, water isn’t touching anything, but when it is, it’s gone,” said one construction worker. “We must do it again.”

Gustavo Ramos has never owned a car and rides his bike to work every day. If it rains, he says he prepares by wearing different clothes and socks.

“I would take a good hot shower and life is good,” Ramos said upon returning home.


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