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Kathy Morgan, Co-Owner of Buckeye Custom Cabinets & Closets and President of the Organized Home Remodeling / Functional Living Design Group in Columbus, Ohio, has expanded and grown her business over the past few years to showcase a holistic approach and capabilities that her businesses can offer have to offer.

Morgan, an industry veteran and former California Closets chief designer, founded her first company, Space Transitions, in 2007. The remodeling and organizing company had a large shop and showroom with designs ranging from basements to kitchens and cupboards. But they leased the building and the owners decided to use the space for other purposes.

“We had a month-to-month lease at the time, so they kicked us out,” she said. The company moved to its current location five years ago with 2,000 square meters of showroom and offices as well as a further 4,000 square meters of retail space.

Morgan says the company’s lease expires in about a year and a half and they’re looking for a bigger space to house a large showroom “where people can come in and see really different products for each area of ​​the house. Most of the businesses are either closets, laundry rooms, pantries, and then there are showrooms for kitchens and bathrooms. We are both. “Morgan and her business partner Jeff Reeasinger, a licensed general contractor, merged their companies several years ago, allowing them to” do everything from home remodeling to pantry. “

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Building possibilities

The two opened Organized Home Remodeling, a licensed design-build remodeling company, in 2011.

Then the decision was made to expand furniture manufacturing and use it for marketing purposes to get more calls and increase sales for the custom furniture site.

“People who want to make a master closet but are thinking of remodeling a bathroom will say, ‘We’ll call them for our closet and then we’ll find a contractor.’ Well people called and found out we were a contractor too and hired us for the whole job. We did the job anyway; it was just about letting people know. “

That process has been successful for the company over the past few years, but now Morgan is considering some new transitions. The showroom has always been an important part of the company as a visual representation of its performance. Now a new space is to be rented and an even larger showroom with a focus on function is to be built.

“Over the years when [we’ve asked customers], ‘What do you hate about your kitchen?’ or: ‘What are your goals?’ The most common saying is, “I just want it to work better. I just can’t function in my house, ‘”said Morgan. “The word function came up over and over again.”

Morgan and Reeasinger took this message to heart. When they decided to rent space for the new showroom, they realized that it would be big enough to showcase all of their offerings, from the Organized Home Remodeling company to furniture and remodeling Organizational Stores (Buckeye Custom Cabinets & Cabinets). “That’s his love – remodeling. Cabinets and organization are my love, ”she said.

The new showroom they are opening, the Functional Living Design Group, will achieve this goal. It will have cabinets, offices, laundry room, pantry, mudroom, four kitchens, a bar and a huge walk-in bathroom, but the core purpose and theme of every single exhibition in this showroom will be function and organization, including the kitchen.

Functional design styles

When it comes to design styles, Morgan describes hers as functional.

“When I hear style, I mostly think of tradition or transition period or something similar. My style is honestly functional, ”she said.

“One of the things that Jeff and I have included in our literature is that when you design an area of ​​your home, the gift is inside the closet – the gift is always inside. Whatever is outside is just the gift wrap. “

Your preferred closet style is frameless as it allows for more function and organization in the closet.

Products used in the furniture designs include Rev-A-Shelf pull-outs and Hafele accessories.

“That goes with everything,” she says. “We don’t make kitchen cabinets where you have a kitchen cabinet and a small shelf in the back. We make kitchen base units that are rollouts or drawers. My famous saying is, ‘If it’s below the knee, it has to come to me’ because I don’t like to get on my hands and knees and rummage through a closet. “

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