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A Cat command console is used to remotely operate an excavator on a hill of loose gravel.

cat The large 374 and 395 hydraulic excavators can now be equipped with Command for Excavating, which enables remote control.

Command for Excavating removes operators from potentially dangerous job site conditions by allowing remote machine control from a safe distance, eliminating safety hazards and reducing injuries while getting on and off machines.

The Command for Excavating provides Command for Excavating users with convenient control of digging, lifting, and tracking functions from outside the cab. The technology increases safety and improves machine productivity on a range of projects such as operations in unstable soil conditions, fallow land, bank works, demolition and stevedoring. It also enables production to be resumed immediately after disruptive processes such as blasting in quarries.

A cat excavator that works remotely in the hold of a ship.

Two remote options

The command console offers a quick transition to machine control with line of sight at the job site via a light, compact console that is carried by a comfortable shoulder strap. Since no communication infrastructure is required on site, it is ideal for temporary or remote emergency operation.

The console uses either 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz frequency communications protocol and provides machine control range of up to 437 feet to manage excavator functions with virtually no response delay. If the remote shutdown switch is pressed, wireless communication is lost, or the console is tilted more than 45 degrees, built-in safety features stop all excavator movements.

The headquarters offers location-independent operation from the comfort of an air-conditioned office on site or many kilometers away, as the distance is only limited by the capabilities of the wireless network.

Cat command stations in an office setting are used to remotely control dredges at a river terminal for unloading barges and ship holds.

The operator station comfortably places the operator in an individually adapted “virtual cabin” with familiar operating elements and machine displays. Users can control up to five different machines from the same or different locations, reducing downtime for shift changes or trips to the construction site. Touchscreen monitors, which are similar to the display in the cab, offer precise machine control, while screen brackets placed in front of the user allow an easy view of the excavator’s camera images.

The command controls are deeply integrated into the excavator’s electronics and offer a high level of precision and productivity to provide the user with the same machine response experience as if they were working from the cab. Grade Assist, Swing Assist, E-Fence and other machine technologies are set, activated and deactivated remotely without being set manually from the cabin.

The Cat command console

By removing the operator from the cab, Command for Excavating provides a solution to the staffing shortage and training benefit for newer operators. It opens up people with physical limitations that prevent them from getting into the equipment, attracting a new generation of workers, and increasing the lifespan of experienced operators.

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