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AUDUBON – According to Superintendent Eric Trager, work on the high school / middle school renovation project at Audubon Community Schools could begin as early as May after the offerings opened on Monday.

Trager said he was very happy with how (the offers) went and was ready to continue with the renovations.

In March a $ 7.5 million general commitment was passed on the project, 69 percent “yes” to 30 percent “no”, but bids for the project were approximately $ 4 million about the estimate of what Trager and the school board sent back to the drawing board.

Trager hoped for more bidders and more competitive offers and said after the opening of the offer: “We will continue.”

“We had a total of 10 offers for the four main contracts,” he said.

These contracts were for a general contractor along with electrical, mechanical and fire suppression.

Trager said the total “raw cost” for the bids was approximately $ 9.86 million, with the bids going to Construct Incorporated for the general contractor; Nelson Electric from Carroll for the electrics; Camblin Mechanical from the Atlantic for the mechanical and Midwest fire fighting sprinklers for the building.

The total price will be higher – Trager said after adding contingencies, fees, temporary classrooms and outdoor storage. All in all, he said the project would cost about $ 12,379,370.

General obligation bonds would pay $ 7.5 million, cash saved by the district would pay approximately $ 1.25 million, and the district would borrow the remaining balance – approximately $ 3.7 million against the sales tax revenue. He said it was important to note that the loan would not affect property tax.

He said there are “a lot of other costs that go into a project this size” like inspections, grandstands that weren’t part of the original bid, and more.

“When we did the redesign, part of the process was funding,” he said for the project. The public approved the general bond issues, and Trager said he and the board had promised to find a way to fund portions of the project that came in via the $ 7.5 million GO bonds that didn’t cover the Property tax.

He said he presented a best-case and worst-case scenario to the board in August. “And we ended up just under best case at about $ 200,000,” he said.

“We are very pleased that many bidders are coming to the table.”

The work will be carried out in three phases.

The first begins in May and lasts until the summer of 2022 and essentially involves the renovation of the east wing of the building. From August 2022, the west wing on the upper floor will be closed and some teachers will be relocated to temporary classrooms so that the work can take place. By Christmas 2022, Trager said he hoped everyone would be back in their classrooms – and they could start in March 2023 with the auditorium and locker rooms on the first floor built some time buffers into the project.

“We are very happy and ready to move forward,” he said.

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