Brook Park’s husband and stepdaughter fight with a concrete worker over vehicles parked on the street


BROOK PARK, Ohio — A 53-year-old man from Defiance Avenue and his 18-year-old stepdaughter fought a construction worker across from their home around 10:30 a.m. on Oct. 5.

According to the construction worker, 36, here’s what happened: The worker was preparing a driveway for concrete repairs when he overheard the man complaining that construction vehicles were “taking up the whole street.” The man walked over to the worker’s private pickup truck, which was legally parked on the street, and slammed the tailgate.

The worker warned the man to stay away from his truck. The man then backed a vehicle out of his driveway and parked as close as possible to the worker’s truck.

The worker walked to his truck carrying a striking tool he had used in the driveway across the street. The man threatened the worker, who, while raising his striking tool, again warned the man to stay away from his truck.

The man and his stepdaughter approached the worker and the man hit him. The worker wrestled the man to the ground while the stepdaughter punched and kicked the worker and pulled his hair.

The man and the worker stopped fighting and wrestling, but the stepdaughter continued to behave aggressively toward the worker while her stepfather moved two cars on the street. The worker then returned to his workplace.

According to the man and his stepdaughter, the following happened: The stepdaughter politely asked the worker to move his pickup truck so that she could park her vehicle behind him on the street. The worker flatly refused. The man who was still in the house overheard the conversation between his stepdaughter and the worker. He backed his daughter’s car out of the driveway, but to park it safely on the street, he first closed the tailgate of the worker’s truck.

The worker got angry when the man closed his tailgate and the two men started arguing. The man said the worker “came up to me” and hit his leg with his hammer tool. The man hit the worker in self-defense and both men fell to the ground.

The stepdaughter tried to drag the worker away from her stepfather by hitting him. The worker pressed his fingers into the man’s eyes. The stepdaughter stopped hitting the worker and the two men separated. The worker got up from the ground, spat in the stepdaughter’s face and kicked her cellphone. When the stepdaughter retired to her yard, the worker spat in her face again.

The worker told the man that he and his crew were pouring concrete in the driveway across the street and didn’t want to park vehicles nearby because they could be damaged by concrete or dust. The man told the worker that if he had told him this upfront, there would have been no argument.

Neither the man nor his stepdaughter nor the worker wanted to press charges.


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