Brenz Gonzales donates platform for youth development, education


RAT candidate Aurelio Brenz Gonzales Jr. submitted his candidacy on Friday, October 1, 2021, in front of the Office of the Electoral Commission (Comelec) in the city of San Fernando, Pampanga, supported by his sister Mica Gonzales and MP Aurelio “Dong “Gonzales Jr.

Mica is running for Pampanga’s third district board member, while re-elected MP Gonzales is seeking another term as representative of the same district.

The city council candidate runs under the local Kambilan party and joins the mayoral candidate Rosve Henson’s ticket. Gonzales is the team’s youngest candidate and arguably among all the city councilors.

The younger Gonzales mainly focuses his platform agenda on youth empowerment, education and infrastructure. Gonzales said the city government should provide more opportunities for youth in terms of skills development programs, sports, and even social and medical support. Gonzales is also looking for a stronger and more accessible educational program in the city for all sectors and ages.

“Infrastructure is also an important area that the city should investigate as well. Better infrastructure means better services to the people, ”added Gonzales.

Gonzales, 25, is a real blue Fernandino who grew up in Barangay Dolores. Brenz completed his preparatory years at the Mary the Queen Academy of Pampanga in Cabalantian in the nearby town of Bacolor. When his father was elected Congressman in 2007, Brenz moved to Ateneo De Manila for high school and then to De La Salle University, where he earned his degree in civil engineering.

After graduating from high school in 2018, Brenz passed the examination before a committee and passed with an average grade of 84.

It was a brief celebration of his educational achievements when Brenz immediately got his first job as a civil engineer with Megaworld Corp. in Taguig City.

After gaining sufficient experience in the construction industry, Brenz resigned from his job and assumed the position of President and CEO of AD Gonzales Jr. Construction Corp., an AAA construction company founded by his father.

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