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Prime Minister Daniel Andrews has slammed the door on construction workers traveling to and from Melbourne amid the Ballarat COVID outbreak triggered by a trader. Victoria construction workers are also required to provide their employer with evidence that they have received at least the first dose of a COVID vaccine by 11:59 p.m. Thursday, September 23. The revised rules come as Victoria saw 514 new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday and passed the 70 percent threshold of the population who received the first dose of a vaccine, which triggered the relaxation. On the ground, the Ballarat outbreak expanded to six active cases, five of which were related to the original case and one mysterious case, and more than 20 exposure sites across the city. MORE COVID NEWS: Under the revised lockdown conditions, metropolitan Melbourne and the city of Ballarat can enjoy outdoor social interactions and an extended travel radius of 10 kilometers in small groups of up to five people depending on their vaccination status. The strong demand for testing continued, and three new pop-up test locations opened on Thursday in addition to the three already operational. As restrictions on construction sites tighten, tea rooms must be closed and food or drinks cannot be consumed indoors at work, shift bubbles must be used, and all locations require a COVID-safe marshal on-site. The new rules put even more pressure on the construction industry, drastically restricting access to the trade and potentially closing some locations. Ballarat builder Nicholson Construction said while working through the ramifications of the announcement, the restriction had the potential to shut down some of its locations in the Victoria area. Another Ballarat contractor, Langdon Building, has locations in the Victoria area and the outer suburbs of Melbourne and has added about 2,000 workers to its system, but now needs to find out where every artisan who works at any of its locations lives. Managing Director Shane Langdon said the added obstacles made it “almost impossible” for the company to meet project deadlines. “Right now we’ve got about 2000 people on our system and we’re working our way through the companies that employ those people, and we need to understand the percentage breakdown of their regional to the subway, but we know we have certain professions that are mostly in of subway resident craftsmen, and it just changes our ability to operate and build these houses, “he said.” It will change everyone’s skills because there wouldn’t be too many construction workers in Ballarat right now that just have local crafts. “Mr Langdon said the need to check everyone’s vaccination status made it even more difficult to simply operate as a business.” It’s almost impossible because we have no control over who is vaccinated and when they are vaccinated “he said.” If a handyman gets an appointment and then gets in, what hope does he have if he has to do it during business hours? If he tries to work at the same time as the booking it will be very difficult for you. “Mr. Langdon said while the restrictions are harsh on businesses, the impact has all been leaked on customers.” They also have all kinds of pressures as well they may be paying rent two or three months longer than originally expected, and for them it is them who I really feel sorry for of all of them, “he says. Master Builders Victoria welcomed the introduction of mandatory vaccinations in the construction industry after several cases from the Sector had surfaced, including in Ballarat, but said 90 percent of the workforce on construction sites must be back to 50 percent capacity by the deadline. Chief Executive Rebecca Casson said the state’s mandatory vaccination of construction workers was the only way to get the industry going “That is why MBV has discussed mandatory vaccinations with the government – because our industry is not forever can survive with a pilot light. Even so, our message was very clear – do the trick for you, your work colleagues and for Victoria, ”she said. If you see this message, you are a loyal digital subscriber to The Courier as we made this story available to subscribers only. Thank you for your support and the opportunity to tell Ballarat’s story further. We look forward to your support for journalism in our great city.


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