Australian Survivor 2022: Meet the castaways in Blood V Water


Before it premieres on January 31 at 7:30 p.m. on 10 and 10 Play, learn all about the castaways who will ultimately betray, go blind and take gameplay to a whole new level in 2022.

Alex & Jay, in-laws

Alex, 26, Warehouse worker, Victoria | Jay, 34, drummer, Victoria

Alex and Jay met after Jay started dating Alex’s sister. Now the couple will put their own relationship to a very special test. A super fan of the game, Alex wants to fly under the radar and stealthily make moves, while Jay is laid-back but also determined and competitive.

Find out more about Alex and Jay.

Amy & Khanh, siblings

Amy, 24, Beautician, Victoria | Khanh, 30, Restaurateur, Victoria

Amy and Khanh decide to reconsider their relationship. Charming and disarming, Amy is ready to make a name for herself after living in her older brother’s shadow, while Khanh has a burning desire to win the title of sole survivor. And don’t be fooled, he’s willing to do whatever it takes, even if it means lying, cheating, and stealing to get there.

Find out more about Amy and Khanh.

Andy & Kate, siblings

Andy, 49, advertising consultant | Kate, 46, mother, Queensland

After Kate pushed Andy to apply Australian Survivor: Champions V Contender, it’s not just Andy’s chance for redemption, but Kate hopes to put her own stamp on the game. Andy plans to use his skills as a professional poker player to read people and is also willing to play a more honest, fun and good-natured game this time. Caring and selfless, Kate is used to doing anything for her family, but now she’s taking a chance on herself, determined that her first time at the game counts.

Find out more about Andy and Kate.

Ben & Shayelle, partners

Ben, 33, Tradie, Queensland | Shayelle, 31, biomedical student, Queensland

Partners Ben and Shayelle know how important it is to have each other survivor Travel, especially when push comes to shove. Shay says: “Having him there will be invaluable in terms of support. Sometimes I struggle not to get caught up in my feelings so I have to force myself to find my way out.” At 6ft 4in, Ben is a standout guy in a crowd and has an urge to win. He hopes to be a player who overcomes challenges, but also someone who is trusted by the tribe.

Find out more about Ben and Shayelle.

Chrissy & Croc, in-laws

Chrissy, 42, teacher | Croc, 41, ex-NRL player, Queensland

While Chrissy might not have much of it survivor You know, she’s playing with Croc to keep his dream of being part of the game alive. Croc’s strengths in the game will be his observation skills as well as his brute physical strength. He will build real relationships and see what makes people tick, how they behave, and then take big steps when the time is right to eliminate his biggest threats. While she may not be a superfan, Chrissy is confident and ambitious and wants to prove to her kids that she can do anything and inspire them to do the same in their lives.

Find out more about Chrissy and Croc.

David & Briana, father & daughter

David, 51, Project Manager, Queensland | Briana, 26, Digital Producer, Queensland

Briana competes alongside her father David for the title of sole survivor. Briana says her father is the skull breaker – the guy who will set the law while she is the entertainer and the sociable butterfly. As a project manager at a construction company, David knows he is very strategic. He believes in getting the state of the land, being flexible and making tough, reckless decisions when needed. survivor is Briana’s dream, but David is more than happy to follow him when he says, “I was thrown into this dream and I’m ecstatic. We will smash it because our relationship with each other is strong. We are both ambitious, both wild.”

Find out more about David and Briana.

Jesse & Jordie, brothers

Jesse, 22, triathlete, ACT | Jordie, 25, Landscaper, Victoria

Jesse has a close bond with his older brother Jordie, who plays alongside him, and although the two claim to be diametrically opposites, they have set out to make the perfect team. A trained landscape gardener, Jordie is used to digging holes and extricating himself from them. And despite the ease with which he makes friends, Jordie knows survivor is more than just being a partner and it’s about understanding people on a deeper level. Jesse enjoys anything that challenges him and he will overcome any physical or mental limitations to get there. As a professional triathlete in training, Jesse is used to intense endurance and even finds solace in pain. Although he has a cheeky nature, he does not take defeat lightly.

Learn more about Jesse and Jordie.

Jordan & Josh, Cousins

Jordan, 29, Personal Trainer | Josh, 31, Pilot, Victoria

Jordan is playing with his cousin Josh and between the two of them, Jordan is the one who’s going to dive headfirst into it. Despite being cousins, Jordan and Josh say their relationship is closer than most brothers. Jordan is ready to push himself as far as he can both physically and mentally when he hits the mat to see what he’s made of. Josh, on the other hand, considers himself one survivor Armchair expert and eager to see if he can implement the physical, social and strategic gameplay in real life.

Learn more about Jordan and Josh.

KJ & Sophie, sisters

KJ, 37, ex-flight attendant | Sophie, 31, Company Director, Victoria

As a survivor Superfan Kate (KJ) is armed with the knowledge she’s picked up from meticulously watching the past few seasons and is excited to play alongside her younger sister Sophie. KJ, two very different people, hopes to use some of Sophie’s traits to help her in the game since Sophie is an ambitious businesswoman who doesn’t take no for an answer. Sophie also hopes to use some of KJs survivor Super knowledge to help her get started. “I know how well prepared KJ is so I will go to her for advice, strategy, gameplay and what I would do in a given situation.”

Find out more about KJ and Sophie.

Mark & ​​Sam, husband and wife

Mark, 42, former SAS commander | Sam, 37, endurance athlete, Victoria

Mark was last seen on Australian survivor Season 2 in which he formed a power couple with his castaway Sam. The two fell in love, married in 2019 and have a son together. The last time Mark played survivor, he figured being fit and strong would be enough to go far in the game, but he quickly realized that wasn’t the case and his social game needed improvement. He will not make the same mistake twice. Sam’s mantra is “calm and calm, this is a marathon not a sprint” and says she has no gameplay as she wants to adapt to the people she is playing with.

Find out more about Mark and Sam.

Mel & Michelle, identical twins

Mel, 33, Chiropractor, Victoria | Michelle, 33, speech therapist, NSW

Mel plays with identical twin sister Michelle, with whom she shares a “twin connection”. They can know what the other is thinking and can even feel the other’s pain. Melissa is a survivor Superfan who wears their heart on their sleeves but is an avid strategist and loves the psychology behind the game. A social butterfly, Mel makes friends easily and plans to make alliances an important part of her game plan. Michelle has built a career in communications and prides herself on catching people in their lies. As a speech therapist, she is confident that her innate understanding of human behavior will lead her to discover what drives her fellow tribesmen.

Find out more about Mel and Michelle.

Sandra & Nina, mother & daughter

Sandra, 47, Survival Queen | Nina, 24, Accountant, USA

Sandra is a double Survivor USA Winner and now she’s ready to tackle it Australian survivor and defend their international survivor Throne. Cheeky and blunt and been a part of it Survivor USA Five times she looks forward to playing with a family member for the first time. Although she could be the queen, Sandra has never acted Survivor: Blood vs Water and hopes not to affect Nina’s game. Sandra says, “I’m stuck, but having Nina out there will remind me, ‘Sandra, turn it down.’ It’s a completely different game, it’s a completely different place, it’s a completely different subject, so I can’t be the same Sandra as before.” Playing in her mother’s shadow survivor Legacy doesn’t intimidate Nina, who is up for the challenge. Nina says: “The best advice my mother gave me is to keep your head down but your ears open. You don’t want the target to be on you, you want it to be someone else, so that was really helpful.”

Find out more about Sandra and Nina.

Get ready for the games to begin when Australian Survivor: Blood v Water premieres Monday 31st January at 7:30pm on the 10th and 10th Play on Demand


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