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Advertisements for remodeling and renovation work are everywhere from billboards to Facebook to Angie’s List. Arizona recently passed law that can make it easier for contractors to advertise on TV, radio, or YouTube.

In accordance with the existing Arizona Registrar of Contractors (ROC) laws and regulations in Arizona, licensed contractors must have their license number clearly visible on all written advertisements (e.g. billboards, car packaging, mailings), radio advertising (e.g. radio and television commercials) place. , Letterheads and other documents used for correspondence with clients or prospective clients of the licensee. See ARS § 32-1124.

In addition to advertising or performing work that must be performed by a licensed contractor, unlicensed companies are required by Arizona law to use the exact phrase “Not a Licensed Contractor” in all advertisements.

Effective August 24, 2021 (the general effective date of all Arizona laws in 2021), licensed contractors may no longer be required to provide their license numbers in mails, internet or billboard advertisements if the ad includes a web address and the license number “prominently” on the website Contractors looking to save some billboard space or time on their television or radio commercials by leaving out their license numbers should consider checking their websites to make sure they are updated and their ROC license numbers highlight in big, bold characters. At least include the home page of the website.

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