An open house for a unique fire resistant home in the San Francisco Bay Area


Interior of SIDCO’s Fireproof House in Hollister

The house has excellent indoor air quality as it is equipped with an all-electric heat pump technology with ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilation) that constantly brings in fresh air from outside to achieve cleaner indoor air quality.

SIDCO Home Inc, a San Francisco Bay Area design-build firm, built an innovative fireproof home this Thursday 11pm-4pm Saturday, June 25th and Sunday, June 26th .

This residence is approximately 3200 sqm with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms that have ECO Smart fireproof SIP panel technology to build the house. With 60% of workers still working from home, this home is equipped with LiFi technology, which is 100X faster than Wi-Fi and has a secure network.

The sustainable home was built as a fireproof home with a clear vision to remove the fossil fuels from the housing industry. Just as Tesla removed fossil fuels from transportation vehicles, SIDCO homes removed fossil fuels from homes and made them energy efficient. The SIDCO house uses fire-resistant building material magnesium oxide SIPs. It is also termite resistant, mildew resistant, moisture resistant and designed to reduce CO2 into the environment.

Fireproof Eco Smart Panels will replace the use of OSB and plywood to save lives and protect property,” said Manmohan (Mohan) Mahal, Founder and CEO of SIDCO. But SIDCO’s founder has not lost sight of the larger goal: tackling the larger problem of global warming and climate change, which has led to many floods, fires and devastation around the world. He envisions that the future houses will be built in the factories to reduce construction costs and time, and transported to the construction site.

The Hollister residence at 1039 El Cerro Drive, Hollister Ca. 95023 was designed and built with home safety in mind,” said Mohan.

“The house has excellent indoor air quality as it is equipped with the entire electric heat pump technology with ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilation) that constantly brings in fresh air from outside to achieve cleaner indoor air quality. The home is fully landscaped to conserve water, he added. “The installed irrigation system directs the water back into the ground instead of directing it onto the street. There is artificial grass in the front and some green grass to keep us connected to nature, which is great for homeowners.”

The company to build a fireproof house was guided by Mahal’s education and experience as a mechanical and nuclear engineer at UC Berkeley. He was granted the patent for the Eco Smart panel on April 20, 2021. As his patent states: “Eco smart panels can be used to create buildings or structures with improved energy efficiency, increased fire resistance and increased flood damage. Building with SIDCO ESP panels will result in reduced construction costs and times.”

“These net-zero energy structures are so efficient that when combined with a renewable energy source such as solar or wind, they save enough energy to power themselves without using energy from the utilities,” explained Mohan.

The devices in the Hollister house are Energy Smart units and use an all-electric water heater installed in the technical room with the Energy Recovery fan. The house is equipped with an induction cooker powered by electromagnetic energy. When the iron pots touch the active heating elements, the iron particles heat up while the hob stays cool and safe to touch. This process is faster than with electricity or gas because there is no need to wait for the burner to heat up first.

We believe that in states like California, Colorado, where the effects of climate change have resulted in devastating losses from wildfires and global warming, things will only get worse,” Mahal said. We must act now to stop the devastation caused by fire and flooding. Please contact us to start building safe fireproof homes today.”

SIDCO Homes Inc.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (408) 650-8350

SIDCO HOMES SIDCO Homes Inc. is a non-profit Delaware company with a vision to reduce energy use and conserve water through sustainable and innovative practices. The company’s goal is to mitigate climate change by building passively inspired, net-zero fireproof homes using its ECO Smart panels and other innovative housing solutions.

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