Aluminum window hoods for sun protection on high-rise buildings


Commercial buildings rely on well-designed sun protection systems to improve internal conditions and provide a healthier and more comfortable work environment. Window shades or sun shades offer a practical solution for horizontal and vertical window shading for commercial and multi-storey high-rise buildings.

Shading elements such as standard aluminum window hoods and sun hoods are often an integral part of the overall design aesthetic and must therefore be produced from a system with flexible and tailor-made design options.

Louvreclad sun hoods can be designed, engineered and manufactured using a wide range of modular sun visors and custom sheet metal solutions including the Sheraton Series, Caprice Series, Scarborough Series, Platinum Series and Polaris Series.

Products best suited for window hoods and sun protection

Louvreclad’s range of proprietary products that can be custom made as window hoods to meet your specific project needs:

  • Ascot series
  • Caprice series
  • Mirage series
  • Platinum series
  • Polaris series
  • Scarborough series
  • Sheraton series

Architectural window shutters

Controlling the direct solar gains in a building to reduce the overall heat load can require a complex arrangement of vertical and horizontal shading elements. Therefore, every sun protection solution must respond to the individual requirements of each project. Louvreclad believes that the best projects are the result of a good collaboration between the architect, consultant and builder and prides itself on facilitating this collaboration in order to achieve excellent results.

Because every project is unique, Louvreclad sun hoods offer a bespoke solution that is specially designed and constructed for the project. The maximum span depends on the profile size chosen, as well as local wind pressure, and an important design requirement for window hoods is to ensure that there is adequate structure available for attachment. All of these modular and bespoke sun louvers typically need to be reattached to a structural substrate designed to support their horizontal and vertical loads.

Privacy protection with window hoods

Window hoods made of aluminum are often integrated into the facade design with other privacy and sun protection elements.

Louvreclad is passionate about modular construction and pre-engineered solutions, and knows that poor planning is a recipe for disaster. Therefore, customers are advised to work with the company’s in-house design and engineering team, which – through sketches, technical drawings and prototypes – takes the pressure off you and delivers the high-end result of your expectations.

Louvreclad also strives to add value to your project. By offering value engineering solutions – for example; a less complex design, a lighter product, or a more practical prefabricated option, you get faster installation, higher on-site efficiency and an overall reduction in construction costs.

Modular powder-coated aluminum sun hoods

The fastening system chosen can significantly affect the final design aesthetic:

  • For stud walls: LVL wood or structural steel is required behind the cladding
  • Fins usually cannot be attached directly to window joinery
  • We can use an H or F bracket for the forehead mounting; However, the depth of the fin is approx. 400mm max (depending on the local wind pressure)

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