all design studio completes hidden ‘love’ bar in shanghai


ALL DESIGN STUDIOS architectural treasure hunt FOR loved ones bar

instead of promoting this mysterious shanghai Drinking place with large signage, all design studios chose to rely solely on word of mouth and social media.

The dear bar occupies the second floor of an existing building and the journey inside begins with a solid concrete wall. There is a fake door along the wall through which interested customers can take a look inside bar from the peephole. the real door is right in front of the wrong one, kind of hidden but not too difficult to find.

the wrong door

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The Lieben Bar concept is all about the door. all design studio analyzed the relationship between door and room and discussed its deeper meaning for people. The designers dismantled, reorganized, enlarged door elements and integrated them into the interior, so that the room has both direct expression and abstract deconstruction. ‘explore – immerse – return, Liebe presents a varied journey for city dwellers. we need a door to escape and a door that we are constantly looking for “, explains all design studio.

the name of the bar comes from the song by the german band rammstein, ‘what i love’, where ‘love’ is the verb for ‘love’ in german. the idea is that customers will enjoy their experience even more because finding the door is tedious.

all design studio is creating an adventure to find this hidden bar in shanghai
the real door to love bar

Entering loved ones is like entering a secret base

for the interiors, all design studio continues the door motif and uses materials such as rusty iron, concrete and black leather. From the front door, customers are greeted by a rusted iron clad concrete corridor with a series of keys on one side that extends into the lobby.

The lobby then opens to the main room of Lieben, the culmination of this treasure hunt. The bar counter uses suspended wooden beams, while underneath there are eight spliced ​​concrete doors that were sourced from a flea market and then covered with cement.

love bar from all design studio 4
the row of keys along the entrance corridor

small round tables and stools populate the center of the room, while black leather seating is to the right and in a niche area opposite the bar counter. the wall above the stand consists of seven deconstructed concrete doors. To the right of the bar, wall lamps above the leather seats reflect the peephole of the false door. the interiors also include rusty mirrors that expand the space and reflect the soft lighting.

“We see that the entire design is filled with robust materials and clear lines, it embodies minimalism and German industrial style. the orange interior lighting and the comfortable leather seats, which express a broad and powerful feeling, but also reflect the fine craftsmanship and soft lighting ‘, say the designers.

love bar from all design studio 1
the corridor leading to the main bar area

the lighting in the dear bar is soft and delicate and creates an overall dark and mysterious atmosphere. Key elements like the bar counter and deconstructed doors are highlighted by well-placed perimeter lighting.

love also has an outdoor terrace that mirrors the interior with rusty iron cladding and concrete. the terrace is veiled by the trees in the street below. There is also an outdoor art installation in the shape of a star called “Spotlight”. Inspired by Venus at dawn, the work of art speaks of hope and new vitality.

love bar from all design studio 5
the main bar area

love bar from all design studio 6
the door motif is repeated throughout the design

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