A migrant worker was killed by a falling guardrail at a construction site in Taipei


Taipei, Sept. 20 (CNA) — A migrant worker was killed at a construction site in Taipei Monday when a four-story guardrail fell on him, the city’s labor ministry said.

The Thai construction worker was standing on the fourth floor of the construction site at Jingmao 2nd Road in Nangang District around 3pm when the guardrail from the first floor fell on him, the labor bureau said in a statement.

The man was taken to hospital but was later pronounced dead, according to the Labor Department.

The tragic incident happened while a hanger was operating and attempting to deliver rebar to one of the basement floors, the Labor Department said.

The hanger’s hanging bar collided with a cross member, causing the steel bars to lose their balance and flipping the first-floor guardrail, which fell to the fourth floor and on top of the worker, the employment bureau said.

An initial investigation by labor inspectors found the site failed to comply with safety regulations for hoisting and lifting equipment because it failed to estimate the weight of the load or determine its actual weight to select the appropriate hoist and employ the correct lifting method, the labor department said.

In addition, the construction site failed to follow the rules set out in the standards for construction safety and health facilities by placing equipment or construction materials within two meters of the guardrail, the labor department said.

All work has been suspended and a fine of up to NT$600,000 may be imposed, according to the Labor Ministry.

Kang Shui-shun (康水順), chief secretary of the Taipei Labor Inspectorate, told CNA the migrant worker was born in 1969 and the Bureau of Foreign and Disabled Labor of the Labor Bureau will assist his family in applying for compensation under the Labor Standards Law.

The Thailand Trade and Economics Office (TTEO) in Taipei told CNA the man’s family was notified last night and is awaiting a letter of authorization from them so that the worker’s body can be cremated and taken back to Thailand.

According to the TTEO, the family is entitled to claim compensation under the Labor Standards Act, an agreement with the employer and a separate amount of consolation money to be provided by the local government.

The man’s family is unlikely to come to Taiwan, the TTEO said, adding that the man leaves a wife without children.

(By William Yen)

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